Value City Furniture Credit Card

Value City Furniture has been providing furnishings and decor to American homes for 65 years, and until today Value City is considered one of the best in designing, producing, and marketing high quality furniture for all areas of the home, be it the bedroom, dining area, living room, etc. From contemporary, casual, traditional, to luxurious furniture styles, the assortment of home furnishings that Value City offers is as varied as the clientele they serve.

Loyal customers can also avail of even more benefits and great deals through the Value City Furniture Credit Card, issued by GE Capital Retail Bank. Financing can be obtained by applying online, and it is a quick, simple, and secure process. If you have a Value City Furniture Credit Card, you are eligible for excellent financing offers from Value City, including No Interest Financing. There are 12-month, 16-month and 36-month No Interest Financing Terms you may be able to get approved for (each with varying minimum purchase requirements). You even get 5% off your very first purchase with your Value City Furniture Credit Card, and no minimum purchase is required.


Who doesn't like discounts and rebates when shopping? Value City Furniture Credit Card members get first crack at sale and clearance events both in-store and online, as well as instant rebate sales and other special promos. There are even Free Furniture promos available with certain purchases throughout the year, and cardholders get information and invites to these events.

One feature that holders of the Value City Furniture Credit Card can enroll for added security is the Card Security program. In case of life-changing events such as unemployment, hospitalization, leave of absence, disability, loss of life, nursing home stay, and other qualifying circumstances, the cardholder's account balance up to $10,000 can be cancelled. This gives you peace of mind knowing that there is one less thing for you to worry about in the event that you undergo any of these hardships.

Customers like to know that they can get expert help and advice when they need it. Value City Furniture recognizes this, and so another service they offer is topnotch customer help and support for customers who need help, ranging from a service request, to tips on how to buy certain items such as mattresses or dining tables, or even resources on planning and building rooms and areas of the home.

Maintaining and monitoring your Value City Furniture Credit Card is not difficult at all. You have access to your online account at all times of the day, and you can login to check your balance, review transactions, and even make online payments for added convenience. You can also opt for the eBill service, and your online account also has useful cardmember information you can take advantage of.

Whether you prefer to shop online or would rather visit a local Value City Furniture location, your Value City Furniture Credit Card provides you with more purchasing options as you search for the most appropriate fixtures, decor, and furnishings for your house.